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Half Measure

Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced on Tuesday that Colorado Rockies shortstop Jose Reyes was placed on paid administrative leave pending a resolution of the criminal case against Reyes in Hawaii. Reyes was arrested last October in Maui after allegedly assaulting his wife in a hotel room.
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The Handball Prodigy who Overcame Addiction to Become One of the Best Players in the U.S.

If you didn't know better, you might mistake Emmett Peixoto for a celebrity, with his chiseled good looks and mop of jet-black hair. If you did you know better, you'd be right. Peixoto is a star on the professional handball tour. He's also a recovering alcoholic who hasn't had a drink in 10 years, and a singer-songwriter with three CDs of rock ballads on iTunes.
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The 9 Best Food Shows on Television

You don't want to go out for dinner every night this week, and you're tired of take-out, despite the abundance of apps on your phone that will hook you up with the best food in town, delivered hot to your door. Dust off your cutting board, season your saucepan, and get back to cooking. To help, we've compiled a list of the best cooking shows available right now.
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The Warriors Are At Home In Oakland—But for How Long?

The streets of Oakland were quiet just a few hours before Game 1 of the NBA Finals. In the Fruitvale District, less than a mile from the Warriors' home court at Oracle Arena, mothers pushed strollers, kids walked home from school, and a few shoppers browsed the pop-up stands near the public market.
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Remembering the Islanders' Home and Everything Else

Before mobile phones or text messaging or Facebook or SnapChat, teenagers had no choice but to make plans in advance. When I was a teenager on Long Island in the late 1970s and early 1980s, that meant a round of phone calls on a landline, changes and more changes in the school cafeteria, and negotiations with your parents on carpools and curfews.
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Major League Baseball Reaches for Its Stars

While there is a new crop of young players who combine spectacular on-field performances with appealing personalities, none has reached quite the same level of star power—something M.L.B. is hoping to change. At the height of his popularity, Jeter earned nine million dollars a year in endorsements from the likes of Nike, Gatorade, Ford, and Movado; he regularly topped lists of the most powerful, the most marketable, and the most recognizable professional athletes in the world.
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How To Talk To Your Kids About Sexual Assault And Sports

When I thought my son was old enough to understand the concept of "no means no," I said those exact words to him when he appeared unwilling to back away from a confrontation-in-the-making. This kind of situation arose frequently—the playground, a playdate, just being around his younger sister. "Jonny said he doesn't want to play that game anymore," I'd say.
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Female Sportswriter Asks: ‘Why Are All My Twitter Followers Men?’

by Wendy Thurm - Guest Contributor Posted on November 20, 2014 at 10:09 am Updated: November 20, 2014 at 12:40 pm. "Female Sportswriter Asks: ‘Why Are All My Twitter Followers Men?’" I am a sportswriter with more than 9,500 followers on Twitter. Remarkably, just 11 percent of them are women. I learned this recently when Twitter released Twitter Analytics, which allows any user to see detailed information on her account.
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The Dark Side Of Booming Local TV Deals

Bud Selig has been giddy watching baseball teams attract bigger and bigger local television deals. More local TV revenue to a team means more money for the league to spread via revenue sharing and greater competitive balance. And Bug Selig sure loves competitive balance. On a recent visit to PNC Park, Major League Baseball’s commissioner told Pittsburgh Pirates broadcasters that he got “goosebumps” watching the Reds and Pirates square off in last year’s postseason.
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The "Gamer Babe" Problem

The San Francisco Giants have a very particular problem with their broadcast team and their female fans. But it's bigger than the Giants, and bigger than it seems. Language matters. Words have meaning, often more than one. Sometimes the speaker means one thing but the listener hears another because words have histories and people have histories and those histories aren’t always the same.
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The Cubs are great, but are they really on a path to the World Series?


Royals, M's, Yankees surging, but AL wild-card berth still in the distance

Everyone’s talking about the Royals, and for good reason. The defending World Series champs won nine in a row and 12 of their last 13 before getting shut down by Jose Fernandez and the Marlins on Wednesday night. They’ve climbed back into contention in the American League. KC begins Thursday just five games out of the AL's second wild-card spot.
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